If you are re-ordering previously purchased items:
Please just send us your new purchase order. Note: Due to the international market fluctuations,we reserve the right to change our prices without any prior notice. In such case you will be promptly notified at the time we receive your purchase order.
If you are selecting from our original Products:
  1. Please send us your Quotation Request.
  2. We will provide you with a Quotation.
  3. If you would need Samples, please send us your Sample Request Form.
  4. We will create and courier the Samples (courier charges and sample cost will paid by buyers,and the sample cost will return once the first order is placed ).
  5. Please approve the Samples.
  6. Please send us your Purchase Order based on our Quotation.
If you want to design your own products:
  1. Send your original sample to us. If no sample is available please send us a photograph or drawing and a detailed description of the product (please refer to the Sample Request section).
  2. We will create and send the Samples.
  3. We will provide you with a Quotation.
  4. Please approve the Samples.
  5. Please send us your Purchase Order based on our Quotation.

At the time you request a quotation please advise us if you will require any safety test carried out (see Production Section - Safety Standards).

The cost of the test will then be included in our quotation, which will specifically mention which test is included). Please refer to the contact section for requesting a quotation. For the products shown in the Products section we can quote you prices immediately. For Custom Designed product we need to receive full information before we can quote you